Privacy Policy

Effective date: 22/07/2015

MuzApp gives you the opportunity to share your favourite music, images and other different User Content with people. We respect your privacy and do our best to be open and trasparent to our Users. In this section we describe our ways to collect, use and share data, information and other User Content while they access, use, update or otherwise interplay with the Service.

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1. Use of the Service

If you use our Service, it automatically means that you accept our Terms of Service as well as Privacy Policy and give your unconditional consent to collect, transmit, share and otherwise use your personal and non-personal data, information and all User Content that you post to or through MuzApp.

2. Children

You are not allowed to use the Service if you are under the age of 13. We do not collect on purpose personal and non-personal data and information of children who are under 13. If you happen to know that your child (under 13) uses our Service and, therefore, provides us with his personal information while no consent has been given by you, you shall contact us and we try to do our best to delete this information and terminate his/her account.

3. Collection of information

1Our main aim is to provide our Users with the best Service we can; therefore, in order to reach this goal, we need to collect some of your personal and non-personal information. We cannot make you provide us with this information. This process is voluntarily only and you do it at your own risk. There are some situations when our Service automatically collects your data (hereinafter referred to “automatically collected data”) and when it gathers information at the moment of downloading, registration and other ways of utilizing the Service (hereinafter referred to “user provided data”). As it was mentioned above, there are two types of information: personal and non-personal. What do we call personal information? Personal info is such data that identifies you as an individual or is somehow connected with you, whereas non-personal has nothing to do with identifying a person.

User provided data:

Account information

If you want to use all features of the Service, than you shall register for MuzApp. Therefore, we ask our prospective Users to provide us with such information as real first and last name, email address or phone number (including access to your address book); username is optional but it shall be unique. We will not collect any contact information but phone numbers of the users in your address book. We do not collect the location of your mobile device as well as we do not give any permission advertising companies to collect User’s data for their consideration and targeting. The process of registration is to be through verifying your phone number via a text message that will be sent to you.

Facebook or Twitter (or other services) personal data shall also be required if you register for the Service through your Facebook®, Twitter® (or other services) account.

Some pieces of this information may be displayed publicly on the Service, e.g. on your profile or search results.

User Content (and Additional Information You Share)

You are the one to decide whether or not provide us with additional information. This type of information includes your profile data: description, gender, date of birth, photo, as well as all Content that you post on MuzApp (it may also be any location information). Keep in mind that all information that is on your profile page is public and is available for other Users and services.

Information Shared by Other Users

All our Users are entitled to create, post, share and otherwise use their Content on the Service, including their right to insert information associated with you, e.g. your username in connection with a post made.

Other Data Provided

As it was stated earlier, you are allowed to connect your MuzApp account to some other services (e.g. Facebook®). Therefore, you may post your Content to that service either. As you may connect your MuzApp account to this or that service, you are also entitled to disconnect it. While you disconnect it, we remove all the data we got from your account on the other service.

Your Location

We are fully entitled to use location services. Nevertheless, we may do so only with your consent. Once you give us your permission, we may get, collect, share and store information associated with your geographic position. With your consent it may be available to other Users and third persons.

Automatically collected data:

1) Links
are allowed to collect information associated with the ways you use MuzAppp and interplay with all features of the Service. We are aimed at improving the operation of MuzApp.

2) Cookies
may activate cookies if we find it reasonable. Cookies may be defined as files that are put on your computer while on the Internet websites. If you use the Service after we supplied it with Cookies, it automatically means that you agreed to it.

3) Log Data
in mind that when you start use the Service by accessing it, you disclose some special information such as information on your mobile device (including ID, IP address, mobile OS and information about the way you use our Service). In general, we ask our Users to provide us with this information in order to improve the operation of all features of the Service. We store this information within a reasonable period of time and, after it ceases, we remove this dats from the Service.

Information provided directly to other services:

We provide our Users with links to the iTunes Store, web sites and other resources. For instance, when you leave MuzApp to purchase any products in the iTunes Store, you are required to disclose some pieces of information associated with your credit card to Apple Inc. ®. Therefore, Apple Inc. shall apply its privacy policy regulations.

Reasons to collect this information

In order to provide you with satisfying Service, we collect the information mentioned above. We try to do our best to improve its quality and operation.


We want you to be always in touch with your friends and other Users on the Service. For that purpose we provide you with push-notifications when you use MuzApp.


We would like you to enjoy the content that you are interested in and which is based upon your needs.


We do our best to provide our Users with best Service they ever had, so we make researches and analysis associated with MuzApp and its operation in order to improve the App and its features.


Now and then our Users may have some questions to ask on the App as well as requests and concerns.


In order to notify you about important changes that may be made to the Service, its Terms or Privacy Policy as well, including push-notifications (to inform you about any User’s activity).


4. Information that we are entitled to share

Although we are not allowed to disclose your private personal data, there are some certain circumstances when it is possible to do it. These circumstances are the following:

You shall express your consent, so that we can disclose your data to others. Any third party may gain access to you personal information but, again, only with your expressed consent.

In order to disclose your personal data we do not need your consent in the following cases:
the law so requires;
there are reasonable circumstances to believe that such disclosure will help to protect you and your safety, your property and safety and property of third persons. Moreover, we may disclose it, if there is a necessity to protect safety, our property and us.
assets are sold to another possessor or purchaser: or in case of merger/ acquisition/ liquidation or dissolution.

Though the law allows us to disclose your information without your consent in the situations mentioned above, we will try to give you a notice you of any of such disclosures.


We are entitled to disclose your data the way the law requires it to be, e.g. to comply with legal proceeding or subpoena. Moreover, in certain cases we may investigate fraud or give responds to government requests.

Business transfer

When it comes to a merger, dissolution, acquisition or liquidation, as well as sale of our assets, we undoubtedly give you a notice of it. When such situation takes place, we are entitled to disclose your personal data to any purchaser or legatee.

Service providers

Those service providers, we cooperate with, are also allowed to receive information on your private personal as well as non-personal data as we are trying to provide you with correct operation of the App. In such cases service providers have to use your data only in situations related to MuzApp business activity. Their intervention here is limited.

Public or Non-personal Information

Apart from private information we are also entitled to collect public data as well. Therefore we reserve our right to share and disclose it to other Users and third persons. Public information refers to data associated with your profile (profile photo, name, date of birth, username and etc.), public Content that you have posted on or through MuzApp (playlists, wish lists, music cards and so on) and other Users’ interplays with the Service (e.g. comments). It is also called non-personal information as it cannot identify you.

5. Access, modification, deletion

Only if you have passed our registration, you may access and modify data we collect about you at any time. In order to do it, you shall sign into your account. You receive communications where there are instructions that you may follow if you want to change some communications references. We send administrative communications by email to all our Users who have passed the registration process as it may include some important information about the Service. You are free to access your account and delete or modify any your personal information. If you want to eliminate your MuzApp account, please contact us at At first, we resolve your problem of deleting your account, than all personal information will be removed from the Service. There are some situations when it is impossible to remove some pieces of your information shared to other services or other consequences of your interactions with other services (e.g. Facebook).

6. Protection of your Info

We try to do our best in order to protect and secure your personal information. We make all the efforts to protect it from an unauthorized access, intervention or disclosure. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that your personal data will totally be secured (e.g. against hackers).

While our prospective Users pass the registration process, we require them to enter a password that will protect their account and personal data. It shall be confidential information and you shall keep it in secret.

7. Regulatory Frameworks

MuzApp guarantees that it absolutely complies with privacy regulations and principles stated herein, as well as it submits to the UK applicable legislation.

8. Privacy Policy Changes

Now and then we are entitled to modify and alter the actual Privacy Policy principles. If we do so and we consider this modification to be significant, we will try to give you a notice of it via email or the Service itself (for example, a notification when accessing MuzApp).

If you continue to access and use the Service after some modifications have been made, it automatically means that you approve and admit them, so they become effective to you.