About MuzApp

Listen. Share. Discuss. It’s all about music.

MuzApp is a service that makes music social. It lets you curate music discoveries of your friends and it works the other way around, too. MuzApp gives music lovers all they need to communicate through the music: the ability to share, feature, post, send tracks as messages and much, much more.

Music lovers use MuzApp simultaneously as:

  • a music player - to listen to the music and organize their media library
  • a video player - to watch music clips
  • a messenger - to send music tracks and discuss them
  • a “music instagram” - to publish photos accompanied by music
  • a music recommendation service - to discover and share new music
  • a music identification service - to search for the names of songs and singers
  • a place to make new friends with the same music tastes from all over the world

Every registered user has a profile with his name, photo and list of followers and followed users. MuzApp unlocks user media library which means that people can access the tracks and playlists of their friends. The feed shows music posts created by the user, accompanied by photos or images from the camera roll. Real-time notifications inform the users about new tracks being identified, added, featured or purchased by followed users. Users may also start broadcasting their music to status for all their friends and followers to see.

MuzApp is based on iTunes and provides direct access to Apple Music and iTunes Store that complies with 100% legal use of music.